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I've been fascinated by ghost stories ever since I was a little girl. But most ghost stories  are usually told from the perspective of the haunted, and how scary  it is to have or see a ghost. I always wanted to know more about the poor spirit, trapped for all eternity. In my ghost stories, I like to give the ghosts a voice.

In my mystery series, my main character is a law student, trained to think logically and rationally. She uses facts and theories to make arguments and prove cases. But when she starts to see spirits, she must reconcile structured thought, with the inexact world of the paranormal.  

I am represented by Terrie Wolf (@AKA_Terrie) of AKA Literary (@AKA_Lit). I am also a staff editor for Fate Magazine, the longest running print paranormal news magazine featuring stories of the strange and unknown. 

In a strange case of life imitating one's art, I am also a paranormal investigator and research geek for Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors and illustrators who go on ghost hunts for creative inspiration. Follow us on Twitter @GhostStoriesInk or

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