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I've been fascinated by ghost stories ever since I was a little girl. But most ghost stories  are usually told from the perspective of the haunted and how scary  it is to have or see a ghost. I always wanted to know more about the poor spirit, trapped for all eternity. In my ghost stories, I like to give the ghosts a voice. ​My fiction work is represented by  Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Management.

Freelance Editor:

I am a staff editor and contributor for FATE Magazine, the longest running print paranormal news magazine featuring stories of the strange and unknown. I also do freelance editorial work, I love helping other writers with their words. Do you need help with a project?  I especially like helping other writers with their WIPs. Check out my Editorial Services page for my rates and specialties. 

Paranormal Investigator:

I am also a paranormal investigator and research geek for Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors and illustrators who go on ghost hunts for creative inspiration. We teach classes and workshops and host events. Follow us on Twitter @GhostStoriesInk or to find out more. 

Psychic Medium:

Oh yeah. And I'm also a psychic medium. Recently, and a little bit reluctantly at first, I've come to accept that I've got a few "gifts" and I use them to help others. For more about that, check out the page for my new company, Spirit Services, LLC.   


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