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I loved law school. I assumed that I would love whatever career came after it. It didn't take long for me to realize that practicing law was not for me. I remember my Dad advising me that there were a lot of other things I could do with a law degree. However, I don't think he had paranormal-mystery-writer-who- moonlights-as-a-ghost-hunter in mind when he said it.

In my first job out of law school, I had a really long drive every day. It was on one of those drives, that I got an idea for a mystery. And more important, my main character. 

Eventually, I grew brave enough to start writing down my ideas. I took a mystery writing class taught by Ellen Hart at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I joined my first critique group. My group members kept me going. Carole would tell me, "You have to keep writing because I have to know what's going to happen to your people." And Steve pointed out that even if my ghost couldn't talk to my main character, I still had to figure out  a way to create tension between them. All of that advice kept me moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, my husband accepted a job that took our young family to Brussels, Belgium. And I accidentally became a blogger! If you want to read about our life in Belgium, check out my very first blog: My Adventures as an Expat in Belgium. I recently edited all of those blog entries into a book. You can buy it here or here

I signed with my agent, Terrie Wolf at AKA Literary in May 2014. Can you believe I found her through #AdPit on Twitter? Proving that yes, pitch parties actually work. Read more about it in my very first guest blog post.  

About that same time, I met Jessica Freeburg, who turned out to be my soul sister and partner in crime for a lot of collaborative projects. She founded the Ghost Stories Ink group. And while, at first, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go along to shake ghosts out of attics and creepy basements, after my first adventure with GSI, I was all in. My blog Ghost Story Girl (scrolling below), is a place to blog about some of our adventures.