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​​​​​​Freelance Editorial Services:

I love helping other writers with their words. When I began writing, I found critique partners and writing groups to help me get better. A few years ago, I realized I must be giving great advice because I had a lot more requests to read work than I did words of my own to swap and share. I keep my rates affordable because I really appreciated finding an editor I could afford when I needed one. Don't let a tight budget prevent you from reaching out to ask about your project. My typical rates are listed below, but I always take the status of your project into consideration when I offer you a quote.  

Queries and Proposals: 

I can help you with your query and submission materials. I've been an online pitch contest judge and advisor. I've seen the inside of a slush pile. I know the rules, I know what to watch for, and I know when it's ok to break the query rules. (I broke them myself and it earned me my agent.) 

Query: $25

Query Package: Starting at $150 (query, first three chapters and a summary)

Manuscript Reviews:

I will also look at your ENTIRE manuscript! Full manuscript reviews start at $300 and go up from there (price depends on your word/page count, and also where you are at with your project and what you would like me to focus on. For example, copy edits and quick reviews start at $1.50-$2 per page, double spaced (I use an industry standard, online calculation/estimation tool). A developmental review usually starts at $3 per page, but I've been known to do it for less. Contact me for availability and an exact quote. Payment plans are available, and I take the status of your project into consideration when I give you an estimate. 

I specialize in developmental critiques. I will tell you what is working and what isn't, but if I tell you what's not working, I will also try to give you suggestions for how to fix it. This is an incredibly valuable service. Sometimes, we need others to help us see a way to get out of a rabbit hole that we've gotten ourselves into. I especially like helping with character consistency, pacing and making sure your plot flows in the right direction. I also like to find plot holes (and help you get out of them).

Some of my other strengths:
I write mysteries. And I believe there is an art to weaving a good mystery. If I get to the end of your book and I still don’t know who the bad guy is, you know you’ve got an excellent mystery plot on your hands. (But don’t worry, I will still be able to give you clues on how to make it better.) But any novel needs to have a good pace, solid tension and suspense. Being a mystery writer, I've got good tips and suggestions for how to make that happen in any genre.

I also have quite a wide range of experience--from my life as a lawyer to my life overseas, I've got a great perspective to help with a lot of different scenarios. Once, I even spent a summer working at a landfill.

If you think I can help, contact me.  I can’t wait to hear about your project. And if you want to know just a little more about me and my work before you send me your precious words, I can put you in touch with other writers I've helped. 

NEW SERVICE! Do you need a ghost writer? I can do that too. A book I ghost wrote for a client, is scheduled for publication in early 2018. For more information, contact me using the form below.

NEW!!! Picture Books and Short Stories! I've got a happy picture book client, so I'm adding that as a new service. I'm also critiquing short stories. Both services start at $75 (the shorter something is, the harder it is to write it well.) Both services also come with two passes.