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NIGHT VISIONS, released by Red Sofa Books in 2015, is a collection of short stories inspired by the adventures of Ghost Stories Ink. I was a co-editor for the project, and the book includes my short story, DARKNESS WATCHING. 

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In July 2017, I edited my first blog into a book and released MY ADVENTURES AS AN EXPAT IN BELGIUM. I thought it was going to be an easy project and I was excited to preserve that history for my family. We learned a lot about our American culture by viewing it from afar and I wanted to share that with others. 

But this book was technical and emotional challenge. It wasn't easy to take words I'd written for a blog and edit them into a book. Also, my heart broke into a thousand pieces all over again with this project. From an alopecia diagnosis for our son to the loss of my father-in-law, life didn't always care that we were expats. The hardest part about living in Belgium, was having to come back. 

My Books... 

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST, Adventure Publications, 2016, is a collection of stories inspired by true monster sightings throughout the midwest. My co-author, Jessica Freeburg and I had so much fun working on this together! We also had the chance to visit with a lot of paranormal podcasts, check out my press page for a link to all of our appearances!